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Building the Modern Payments Network for Truckers with Aaron Graft, Founder & CEO of Triumph Financial (NASDAQ: TFIN)

Building the Modern Payments Network for Truckers with Aaron Graft, Founder & CEO of Triumph Financial (NASDAQ: TFIN)

Our guest on the show this week was Aaron Graft, the Founder, Vice Chairman and CEO of Triumph Financial. Just as the impacts of the Great Financial Crisis were waning, Aaron led a team of people who took over a failed bank to create Triumph. Aaron has been CEO since the beginning and has been instrumental in transforming the bank into a transportation-focused industry leader. Specifically, Aaron has helped turn what was a small factoring business into a high margin one that buys $1 billion in invoices from truckers every month. In recent years, Aaron has turned his focus to building a payments company that caters to all of the constituents in the trucking industry. In this fascinating discussion, we covered:

  • The benefits of having a bank structure despite Triumph not being a typical community bank;

  • How the company has built the factoring business over time and why it is so profitable;

  • The vision for Triumph Pay and the path to building it into something much larger; and

  • Why the company has been so aggressive in repurchasing its own shares

For full disclosure, Cove Street is NOT a Triumph Financial shareholder.

And without any further ado, here is my conversation with Triumph’s Founder, Vice Chairman and CEO, Aaron Graft. For more information about Triumph Financial, please visit:

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