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Climate Impact Investing in Public Markets with Heather Beatty & Robin Kollannur, ScopeFour Capital

Climate Impact Investing in Public Markets with Heather Beatty & Robin Kollannur, ScopeFour Capital

My guests on the show to today are Heather Beatty and Robin Kollannur, the respective founder and Portfolio Manager of ScopeFour Capital. After a number of years working in business development at large investment firms, Heather started ScopeFour, a climate impact-focused firm, to take advantage of the investment opportunities associated with companies that are building impactful climate solutions. Robin has 30 years of experience in money management and has recently joined the firm to implement the ScopeFour process and vision.

In this extensive conversation, we discussed:

  • The founding of ScopeFour and the investing opportunity set;

  • The difference between investing for impact versus what has come to be known ESG;

  • The intersection between a company that compounds over time and one that is making a positive impact on the climate;

  • How Robin and Heather narrow down the universe of companies; and

  • How to avoid paying too high a price for the companies that are likely to have the most positive impact.

Without any further ado, here is my conversation with Heather Beatty and Robin Kollannur of ScopeFour Capital. For more information about ScopeFour Capital, please visit:

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