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Shooting for Hall of Fame Returns and World Class Service with Greg Dean, Langdon Equity Partners

Shooting for Hall of Fame Returns and World Class Service with Greg Dean, Langdon Equity Partners

Today’s episode is the next in our series of profiles of emerging investment firms. In these interviews, we dive deep into the various components of building an investment firm that can compound. Our guest on the show today is Greg Dean, the Founder and Lead of Investor at Toronto-based Langdon Equity Partners. Greg founded Langdon in 2021 after successful stints at Fidelity and Cambridge Global Asset Management. Langdon describes itself as an “active and engaged owner of world class smaller companies.” The firm has assembled concentrated portfolios of companies with enterprise values between $500 million and $5 billion that are cash generative and are run by long-term-oriented executives.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Why Greg wants the Langdon office to be more like a library than a train station;

  • His definition of a compounder and the unique challenges of managing such companies within small cap strategies;

  • How Langdon has tried to position itself differently from other small-cap-focused firms;

  • The kinds of mistakes that prevent companies from realizing their full compounder potential; and

  • The cultural elements that are most important when building a new investment firm.

Without any further ado, here is my conversation with Greg Dean of Langdon Equity Partners. For more information about Langdon Equity Partners, please visit:

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